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Foremost Waterproofer in Minneapolis

Foundation Repair MN is made up of waterproofing specialists with many years of experience. Our qualified team has successfully identified and rectified a wide range of stubborn problems related to water, and has recommended and implemented long-term solutions to the projects they have undertaken in Minneapolis ...
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Waterproofing services

Water proofing is a term used to define the prevention of moisture and water in buildings. This common household problem can result in severe interior and exterior home damage – not to mention wet, cold and uncomfortable living conditions. When installed by professionals, waterproofing prevents moisture and water ...
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Water detection experts

There’s no use attempting to rectify a water problem before locating the source of the issues. We offer conclusive waterproofing checks designed to locate any potential hazards as well as find the source of your troubles. Often water issues can arise through a number of things including new patios laid ...
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